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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our policies, product information and troubleshooting.


Most Asked Questions:

How much and how fast is

What forms of payment do you accept?

How do I return something to Ink Island?

Shipping Rates:
  • Standard US - $4.99
  • Second Day US - $12.99
  • Next Day US - $25.99
  • Canada (Airmail) - $6.99
Payments Accepted:


  1. How much and how fast is shipping?
    Ink Island offers three options for shipping - Standard, Second Day Air and Next Day Air. Our standard delivery option is a flat rate of $4.99, and is shipped either USPS First Class or UPS Ground at our discretion. The Standard Ground Mail option takes an average of 3-5 business days. Ink Island also offers expedited shipping methods - UPS Second-Day Air and UPS Next Day Air. The UPS Second Day option is $12.99 and takes 2 days for the product to be received. UPS Next Day is $25.99 and is an overnight delivery.

    Please note that once packages leave the Ink Island warehouse and are in the possession of our mail carriers, we have no control over their delivery time and condition. Additionally, all UPS Second Day Air and Next Day Air orders must be made by 4PM EST to have that item shipped same day. Otherwise, your order will be processed the next business day.
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  2. Does Ink Island ship internationally?
    Currently we ship only within the United States and Canada. We offer one shipping method to Canada, USPS Air Mail for $6.99. We do not ship to Europe, Asia, South America or any other countries. We do ship to all U.S. states, territories, and military addresses including APO and FPO addresses.
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  3. Is this a secure site for me to shop on?
    Once items are added to the shopping cart page, you are in a fully secured site. Our site is protect by COMODO Group SSL security, and is also tested daily by ScanAlert to protect against any hacking or fraud.
    This Site is Protected by HackerSAFE
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  4. I see my printer model listed on the site, but no ink cartridges for it...why?
    Ink Island may not offer ink cartridges for every printer model listed on the site. If you do not see the ink cartridges under your printer model number, we either do not carry the items, or they are not currently in stock. We are constantly adding new ink cartridges and printer models as we see demand for them, so check back often!
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  5. I received my ink cartridges, but my printer model is not listed on the cartridge's box. Is it compatible?
    With many of our ink cartridges, especially Epson, HP and Canon ink cartridges, there may be up to 50 printer models that the cartridges are 100% compatible with. Since the boxes that the cartridges come in have limited room for descriptions, sometimes they are not able to list every printer model. However, if your ink cartridges were listed under the printer model on the site, we guarantee that they are 100% compatible with that printer. For verification, always feel free to contact us.
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  6. I think my order may have been doubled. What happened and how can I avoid it?
    After entering your payment information on our "Review and Payment" page at checkout, we ask you to click on the 'Submit Order' button only once. Ink Island validates your credit card information in real time, and therefore may take up to 30 seconds to finalize your payment. We ask that you do not refresh the page, stop the browser, or click the submit button again as these actions may cause a duplication of your order. Please only click on the 'Submit Order' button once, and wait for the Order Confirmation Page to appear. If you have any questions whether your order was processed, please contact us.
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  7. My new ink cartridges do not seem to be working correctly. What can I do?
    There are a few steps that should be taken anytime you change your ink cartridges in your printer. Some of these steps may seem obvious, but are things that are always good to check:
    • Make sure you removed the plastic protective clip from the new ink cartridge (mostly found on Epson and Canon cartridges). Your new ink cartridge should look exactly like the one you are replacing.
    • Make sure to remove the protective tape from the printhead of the cartridge, so there is nothing covering the head.
    • Make sure you have replaced the ink cartridges in the correct slots - meaning color cartridges cannot go in the black cartridge slots of your printer. For printers that require 5-8 cartridges, always make sure your color cartridges are correctly placed.
    • With all changing of ink cartridges, it is a good practice to re-calibrate or clean your printer. Most printers allow you to do this by the click of a button, within the Tools/Options of your printer's menu.
    • Follow the instructions as given by your printer manufacturer for more details. In most cases, the printer will have the option to print a test page, and will give you instructions on steps to calibrating your printer to improve quality.
    • If you have done the previous steps and still are not getting the proper results from your ink cartridges, please contact our customer service. Our representatives can offer other suggestions, or if necessary, send you a replacement ink cartridge.
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  8. How do you protect against fraud?
    Besides the measures we take on our site to protect your shopping experience with us, we also double-check all credit card information that comes to us. The billing information that you enter in our site must match what your credit card's bank has on file. If it does not, we hold your order until we can verify the information from you. Additionally, we ask for the CVV number of your credit card, to prove that the card is it your possession at the time of purchase. Any discrepancies with billing information and CVV matches may cause your order to be delayed, until verification is made by our Customer Service Department.
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  9. I live locally in Arizona, is there someplace I can pick my order up? Do you have any retail stores?
    We do not sell ink cartridges out of our office location, however we do have our popular cartridges for sale locally at the Postal Palace. For information on the store's location and hours, call 602-493-2015.
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  10. I ordered the wrong item. Can I return it for the correct one?
    We accept all our products back for a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase for any reason. We can exchange any item, as long as the one's being returned are in good quality, and any difference in price is paid. If you need to return anything, visit our Return/Exchange Policy page for more information.
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  11. My printer no longer works, and I have unopened ink cartridges. Can I return them?
    As mentioned in our guarantee policy, all ink cartridges can be returned for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. If you want to return cartridges after 30 days of purchase, the cartridges and box must be in good condition, and able to be resold. For all regulations and information, visit our Return/Exchange Policy page.
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  12. How do I return something to Ink Island?
    To return merchandise, email or call our customer service department at , or 1-866-787-1223. Have your invoice in front of you, as our service representatives will need you order, invoice number, and possibly shipping or billing address. If you are emailing us, please provide all the information you can about your order and why you are returning it in the email. All customers who need to return merchandise will be given an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. This number must be written on the outside of the package when returned. For more information visit our Return/Exchange Policy page.
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  13. Do you refund for shipping on returned merchandise?
    As per our return policy, we do not offer a refund on shipping costs, only a full refund on the product's cost. Additionally, we do not refund for shipping of returned merchandise. However, if the reason for a return was the result of an error of how Ink Island packaged your order, we will reimburse shipping costs.
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  14. I see that you accept coupon codes. Where do I get one?
    As a customer of Ink Island, we will email you with special promotions and discounts throughout the year, and that is when we offer discount codes for your future purchases. NOTE ABOUT EMAILS: All contact information collected by Ink Island, including email addresses and phone numbers are kept completely confidential, and are never distributed to any other company, 3rd-Party, or affiliates. Each email sent has an Opt-Out option to be permanently removed from our email list, in full compliance with CAN-SPAM laws.
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  15. I am having trouble using my discount code, what's wrong?
    Please remember the following when using our discount codes:
    1. All discount codes are valid ONLY on the Ink Island website
    2. Discount codes must be entered at the Shopping Cart in the appropriate box.
    3. Discount Codes are as they appear, as one word, no spaces.
    4. Customers MUST enter the discount code at the Shopping Cart page and then click on the "Update Cart" button for code to take effect.
    Once a discount code is applied to an order, no other codes may be added or combined to the order. If you are still having trouble with the discount code, please feel free to email our customer service at
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  16. What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Credit Cards. We also accept all debit and bank cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on it. Additionally, we now accept PayPal & Google Checkout payments for all orders. If you would like to pay by check or money-order, you may do so. Please contact our Customer Service department for details. All check or money-orders must be mailed to the Ink Island offices at:

    Ink Island
    Sales Department
    2990 E. Northern Ave.
    Suite C-103
    Phoenix, AZ 85028

    Ink Island reserves the right to hold orders until personal checks are cleared by the bank.
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  17. Do you allow other businesses to re-sell your products?
    We do allow businesses to re-sell our products. We also offer 'bulk rate' discounts for orders meeting our criteria. For more information on bulk orders, click here. To inquire about more information on re-selling our products, please contact our Marketing Department.
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  18. Do you offer any technical support for my printer, including drivers?
    Ink Island customer representatives do not offer support for problems with your printer, however, we do offer a page on our site devoted to contact information and links for all our top brands. This page offers toll free numbers, as well as links to support pages and to download drivers. Click Here
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  19. I am having trouble viewing images and seeing information on the site. Why?
    Some images and information links are meant to appear in smaller pop-up windows, so we may present images or information to the user without redirecting them to another page. For these pages to operate correctly, the user must disable any pop-up blockers on their web browser. Without the ability to allow pop-up windows, nothing will happen, giving any image or information links with this feature appear broken.
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  20. I am having trouble with my new Dell printer cartridge. What can I do?
    Installation for the black and color ink cartridges for the new Dell All-In-One Photo Printers : 922, 924, 942, 944, 962, 964 is different than most printers. Please click on this link for information. Click Here.
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