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     Samsung M260 Factor - supplies & accessories
     See all available supplies and accessories for the Samsung M260 Factor below. All products for the
     Samsung M260 Factor are backed by our no-risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, as well as a 1-Year
     Warranty against all defects and malfunctions. Further, our compatible, remanufactured and non-OEM products
     do not void any warranty you may have on your Samsung M260 Factor - more info

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            Data Cables

USB Data & Charging Cable for Select Cell Phones/PDA

Brand-new (Non-OEM) USB 2.0 cable to connect your cell phone to a PC/Laptop.

Generic Sku: 031-MOTO-USB  |  Details

Price: $3.09

031-MOTO-USB is currently in stockIn Stock


2 in 1 Sync+Charge Micro USB Data Cable - 6 Foot

Generic Sku: 031-MIC-USB6  |  Details

Price: $3.49

031-MIC-USB6 is currently in stockIn Stock



Rapid Battery Car Charger Adapter

Use this adapter in conjunction with your iPod/MP3 Player USB cable for charging on the road.

Generic Sku: IPOD-CAR2  |  Details

Price: $2.89

IPOD-CAR2 is currently in stockIn Stock


Car Charger for select Motorola Phones

Charger your Motorola phone in your car.

Generic Sku: 031-RAZR-CAR  |  Details

Price: $4.49

031-RAZR-CAR is currently in stockIn Stock


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